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NO.1 Your system uses a multi-master, multi-region DynamoDB configuration spanning two regions
to achieve
high availablity. For the first time since launching your system, one of the AWS Regions in which you
operate over went down for 3 hours, and the failover worked correctly. However, after recovery,
users are experiencing strange bugs, in which users on different sides of the globe see different data.
What is a likely design issue that was not accounted for when launching?
A. The system does not have Lambda Functor Repair Automatons, to perform table scans and chack
corrupted partition blocks inside the Table in the recovered Region.
B. The system did not use DynamoDB Consistent Read requests, so the requests in different areas are
not utilizing consensus across Regions at runtime.
C. The system did not include repair logic and request replay buffering logic for post-failure, to
re-synchronize data to the Region that was unavailable for a number of hours.
D. The system did not implement DynamoDB Table Defragmentation for restoring partition
performance in
the Region that experienced an outage, so data is served stale.
Answer: C

AWS-DevOps コンポーネント   AWS-DevOps 過去問   
When using multi-region DynamoDB systems, it is of paramount importance to make sure that all
requests made to one Region are replicated to the other. Under normal operation, the system in
would correctly perform write replays into the other Region. If a whole Region went down, the
would be unable to perform these writes for the period of downtime. Without buffering write
somehow, there would be no way for the system to replay dropped cross-region writes, and the
would be serviced differently depending on the Region from which they were served after recovery.

NO.2 You were just hired as a DevOps Engineer for a startup. Your startup uses AWS for 100% of their
infrastructure. They currently have no automation at all for deployment, and they have had many
while trying to deploy to production. The company has told you deployment process risk mitigation is
most important thing now, and you have a lot of budget for tools and AWS resources.
Their stack:
2 -tier API
Data stored in DynamoDB or S3, depending on type
Compute layer is EC2 in Auto Scaling Groups
They use Route53 for DNS pointing to an ELB
An ELB balances load across the EC2 instances
The scaling group properly varies between 4 and 12 EC2 servers.
Which of the following approaches, given this company's stack and their priorities, best meets the
company's needs?
A. Model the stack in AWS OpsWorks as a single Stack, with 1 compute layer and its associated ELB.
Use Chef and App Deployments to automate Rolling Deployment.
B. Model the stack in AWS Elastic Beanstalk as a single Application with multiple Environments. Use
Elastic Beanstalk's Rolling Deploy option to progressively roll out application code changes when
promoting across environments.
C. Model the stack in 3 CloudFormation templates: Data layer, compute layer, and networking layer.
stack deployment and integration testing automation following Blue-Green methodologies.
D. Model the stack in 1 CloudFormation template, to ensure consistency and dependency graph
resolution. Write deployment and integration testing automation following Rolling Deployment
Answer: C

AWS-DevOps 短期   AWS-DevOps 関連   
AWS recommends Blue-Green for zero-downtime deploys. Since you use DynamoDB, and neither
OpsWorks nor AWS Elastic Beanstalk directly supports DynamoDB, the option selecting
and Blue-Green is correct.
You use various strategies to migrate the traffic from your current application stack (blue) to a new
of the application (green). This is a popular technique for deploying applications with zero downtime.
deployment services like AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS CloudFormation, or AWS OpsWorks are
particularly useful as they provide a simple way to clone your running application stack. You can set
up a
new version of your application (green) by simply cloning current version of the application (blue).

NO.3 What is web identity federation?
A. Use of an identity provider like Google or Facebook to become an AWS IAM User.
B. Use of AWS STS Tokens to log in as a Google or Facebook user.
C. Use of AWS IAM User tokens to log in as a Google or Facebook user.
D. Use of an identity provider like Google or Facebook to exchange for temporary AWS security
Answer: D

AWS-DevOps 出題   
... users of your app can sign in using a well-known identity provider (IdP) -such as Login with
Facebook, Google, or any other OpenID Connect (OIDC)-compatible IdP, receive an authentication
and then exchange that token for temporary security credentials in AWS that map to an IAM role
permissions to use the resources in your AWS account.

NO.4 When thinking of AWS Elastic Beanstalk, which statement is true?
A. Worker tiers pull jobs from SQS.
B. Worker tiers pull jobs from SNS.
C. Worker tiers pull jobs from JSON.
D. Worker tiers pull jobs from HTTP.
Answer: A

AWS-DevOps キャリアパス   
Elastic Beanstalk installs a daemon on each Amazon EC2 instance in the Auto Scaling group to process
Amazon SQS messages in the worker environment. The daemon pulls data off the Amazon SQS
inserts it into the message body of an HTTP POST request, and sends it to a user-configurable URL
on the local host. The content type for the message body within an HTTP POST request is
application/json by default.

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