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試験科目:Magento Certified Developer Plus Exam
問題と解答:全131問 M70-201 資格練習

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NO.1 Which one of the following xpaths is correct for replacing Mage_Customer_Model_Custom_Address via
Mage::helper ('customer/address')?
A. Global/helpers/rewrite/customer_address
B. Global/helpers/customer/rewrite/address
C. Global/customer/helpers/address
D. Global/rewrite/helpers/rewrite/address
E. Global/helpers/rewrite/customer/address
Answer: B

M70-201 最新版   

NO.2 Which of the following block methods is the best to override when there is a need to customize how the
block's html is rendered?
A. _toHtml()
B. toHtmlO
C. renderLayout ()
D. setLayout ()
Answer: A

M70-201 テキスト   M70-201 対象者   

NO.3 When changes are made to more than one of a collection's items using setData( 'some', 'value'), which
of the following methods will save the changes in the collection?
A. $collection->saveAllItems ()?
B. $collection->saveItems ();
C. $collection->saveAll();
D. $collection->save();
Answer: D

M70-201 通信   

NO.4 When $ this ->load Layout (' foo_bar_baz') is called in a standard front action, what is the effect on the
layout update object instance?
A. Only two handles will be added: foo_bar_baz and default
B. loadLayout () does not take any arguments, so there is no effect
C. foo_bar_baz will be the only handle added
D. Foo_bar_baz will be added instead of the default handle
Answer: D

M70-201 問題数   

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